Mohave Valley Fire Swears in NEW Fire Chief

Swearing In Ceremony

June 26, 2014

Photos By Butch Meriwether

Photo Captions

Fire Chief “Ted” Martin.JPEG

Mohave Valley Fire Chief Theodore “Ted” Martin who took the helm of Mohave Valley Fire District Monday, does not hesitate to “put boots on the ground and get dirty” when responding fire suppression calls and supervising the firefighters under his command. Not only has Martin been the duty chief at various Golden Valley structure fires during his tenure as the assistant fire chief of the Golden Valley Fire District, he has been known to “jump into action” to assist the firefighters by helping them extinguish fires. During one of the most recent structure fires that occurred during 2013, Martin entered the fully-engulfed home and helped direct fire suppression tactics.

Administering the oath of office.JPEG

Mohave Valley Division Chief Harley Harmon, who served as interim fire chief for three months, administers the oath of office to Theodore “Ted” Martin who officially took the helm of Mohave Valley Fire District today. Fire Chief Martin brings his wide and diversified experience in the fire service to Mohave Valley after serving for three years as the assistant fire chief of the 200-square-mile Golden Valley Fire District.